According to estimates, mobile ad fraud costs advertisers more than $7 billion . In India the situation is far worse. Experts believe that in India, certain frauds like bot installs and click frauds are up to 2 times higher than the global average. With an ‘app-first’ strategy being extensively adopted by the top brands in India, are we heading for a fraud crisis? Although, several steps have been taken in the recent past by all stakeholders, are they enough? Or are the app fraudsters growing faster than the speed at which the technology is evolving?

Our panel will attempt to raise some pertinent questions by deep-diving in the mobile ad fraud world and identify key gaps to help counter this menace.

Dhiraj Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, Mfilterit

Dhiraj is the co-founder of Mfilterit, Asia’s leading Advertising fraud detection service. Mfilterit works with some of India’s top companies to detect and eliminate fraudulent activities in the online landscape.

Prior to founding Mfilterit, Dhiraj has worked in the telecom domain for over 11 years with industry giants like Nokia and Wipro.

His critical focus is on bringing value to the online advertising market by synergising between the telecom and advertising domains. His deep understanding of the brands, affiliates, publishers and advertising ecosystem, has allowed him to develop innovative solutions to protect brands against online marketing fraud for both- apps and the web.

Ashwiny Thapliyal, Regional Head of Sales India & Southeast Asia, TUNE

Ashwiny leads the India and South East Asia markets for Tune. 

Prior to Tune he has more than 10 years of experience in Internet and Ad-tech companies like InMobi, Komli and Infoedge (, 99acres ) focussing on the India and South East Asian markets.

His core expertise lies on the both mobile and desktop performance markets allowing him to be deeply connected with the whole ecosystem of networks, affiliates, brands, agencies etc.

Akhil Rumandla, Lead - App Marketing, Jabong

Akhil leads the App & Web digital marketing for Jabong. He is responsible for the P&L of entire user acquisition & Performance marketing campaigns at Jabong.

With over 5 years of experience across various industries from Mcommerce, Mobile Gaming and even a stint with Godrej Appliances, Akhil has been instrumental in setting up and driving performance and growth marketing campaigns at Reliance Games and Freecharge, before joining Jabong.

Hina Mittal Nayar , Co-Founder & CEO, Profiliad, a MainAd Company

Hina Mittal is a seasoned professional with over 12 years' experience developing, managing and leading successful digital business.

Hina is Co-Founder and CEO of ProfiliAd Media, the Performance marketing network you can trust. Coming from an engineering background, she is a highly experienced person in the field of affiliate marketing & Advertiser/Publisher management. A pro in handling both sides of the affiliate marketing business, she has worked in established and start-up Affiliate Networks like DGM India, Pointific Digital & Admitad.

Her thoughts are simple yet encouraging. Her philosophy is “Reducing your risk is our focus, maximizing your profit is our objective”. She believes in investing in advertiser and publisher relationships. Her objective is to minimize the persistent challenges in the Affiliate marketing industry by introducing some new innovative techniques.

Hina's unparalleled commercial understanding of how digital technologies are transforming the business environment has led her to be the most sought after CEOs.

Sumit Nayar, Co-Founder & Managing Director , Profiliad, a MainAd Company

A successful entrepreneur, Sumit has been co-founder in several ventures in his career. His previous venture offered Market Research solutions to diversified industries including Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Energy, Automotive, Real Estate, Advertising & Communications industries. With over a decade and a half of experience, Sumit has had a successful career spanning across the ITES and service industry holding key strategic positions with various multinational companies. Sumit’s expertise lies in strategic planning, process designing, client servicing and corporate communications.